Quarantine meds

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Feb 4, 2023
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New Mexico
So I was looking into quarantine meds for introducing new fish to aquarium an came across a product called wormer x it says it rids several internal external parasites has anyone ever used?Wormer X Fish Medicine
Other sites for this product say it contains levamisole which kills round worms. Since many fish are infected with intestinal parasites at the fish farm, it can be used during quarantine - many people recommend the use of worming medications for quarantine.
However, levamisole does not kill flat worms such as tapeworms. You would need a second medication for those, one which contains praziquantel. Or instead, a medication which contains flubendazole which kills both types of worms. But flubendazole also kills shrimps and snails, so if you have or intend to have these it is better to use levamisole and praziquantel.
Alright thanks for the advice I appreciate it I've had some parasites wipe out past aquariums and don't want to risk it again.

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