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Feb 23, 2006
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hey everyone

im relitivly new to the forum , and thought i might as well keep a log of what i do with my tank :) so here are the specs

36x18x18 glass tank made by BOSS aquariums
3 x 30watt T8's all on arcadia reflectors
250watt Visi threm heater
15kilos of dorset pea gravel with sera florede pot
Fluval 305 external filter on spray bar
2x Hegan Co2 units

Im thinking of adding another T8 though so im waiting to see wht happend with the ones i have :D

For fish and plants i have
10 Flame tetra

ill post names of the plants i knw l8er as well as pics :D
ok plants i have tht i knw the names of are
Ludwisia Arcuata
cork screw valis
Wisteria ( i think)
Amazon sword

And others i have no clue what the names are :*)

but here are a few pics from the start till now :rolleyes:

The day i put water into it


First plants in


More plants added as well as Co2
Right side


Left side


FTS taken the same day


Today left side(( curently my FAV)


FTS as of 2 hrs ago


added more plants tonight :lol: as well as 6 amano shrimp! i will deffo be getting more of these are brilliant at eating all the 'crap' of the leaves of the plants!

Should be getting me Co2 bottle re-filled monday so what will my tank be classed as high tech or normal

any way the plants i got were

Hygrophila polysperma ( finaly <_< )
Cryptocoryne x willisii
Echindorus ' Rosé'
Hygropila corymbosa
Rotala rotundifolia

pics HOPFULLY tomorrow
if you're just starting out on this tank i would definitely suggest getting more rotala or fast growing stem plants as suggested in the algae pinned thread.

other than that it looks very promising :)
Beautiful tank you got there & is that a reef tank next 2 it? If so it looks spankin hot!! lol i would love 2 have 2 tanks in a room especialy over 40g+ :hey:
:lol: yeah thats a reef next to the tank :D and both tanks are over 40galls ;) not bad for being 15 :)

ill get new pics tonight :D
ok FTS as of 10mins ago


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hey guys a up dated picture


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that last pic was awesome....that's some good progress and I bet your aquascaping skills would get better in time....keep it up... :good:
I like the updated look, very nice. Gorgeous bogwood. Much better. A lot of potential with your new layout. Where are you from? I noticed you put "finally" next to H. polysperma when you listed it a while back. H. polysperma is becomming a noxious weed in many places and is no longer sold in many on line shops, especially in the US. Too bad, it's a lovely plant, but it grows too well and it is invading many waterways.

Good job, I look forward to seeing future progress. :good:

llj :)

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