Plants Suitable For Severums + Plecs? Pet of the Month
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May 17, 2006
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Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK
I didn't know which section to post this in - catfish, cichlids or here - so thought here would be best. I was just wondering, are there any plants that will stand up to both severums and large plecs? Obviously potted would be the best option with plecs, but as sevs like to eat plants, I didn't know whether there were any that could stand up to them too?

They'd be for my 6ft tank, I've already got a big clump of indian fern floating in there, the sevs are more interested in the plecs' courgette and are so far ignoring it (other than to sleep in!).

I do have fake plants in there, but they're....well...fake. Just thought it would be best to ask the experts to see if there is a possibility of a more natural look!

I'm not after anything hard to look after, and not a super-planted tank - just a few plants to make my tank look a bit classier. I've read conflicting stories online - some folks keeping sevs in fully planted tanks, some saying you cant have a plant within 10 miles of a severum :rolleyes:
what about java fern? My sailfin pleco hasnt touched any of mine yet!
Here is a pic

Or red amazon
Thanks Joe, I'll bear them in mind. What's worrying me more though is what's ok for with sevs, who eat plants (apparently lol).

Anyone? Thanks for the reply Joe - looks like I've got the plant keepers stumped!
Thanks very much - have made a big decision (one that's been playing on my mind for a while now) and decided to sell on my rottkeils, leaving me with festivums and plecs for now. Thanks for the help though - now I can plant up my tank a bit and not worry about it being eaten.

Would love any recommendations for PLEC safe plants now though!

my sevs didn't eat my java ferns... they just tore bits off and spat them out.... until there was nothing left.

i was going to try onion plants - crinum thaianum
I gave up with Sevs and plants a couple of days ago - gutted to now have plastic plants, but they don't look too bad (still not as good, but hey, I prefer the Sevs, lol). Munched/tore their way through 2 large java ferns (30cm each and cost me enough) :crazy:

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