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Nov 1, 2005
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Hi there, I just bought a new plant from my lfs and have no idea what it is, and they didnt say at the store, here is a pic, can anyone help me?



can you unplant it and then take a pic?

Looks more like a houseplant than an aquatic plant, see if you can find it in this thread Here
yep, same here. i'm 90% sure i've had one of those a while back. it died rather quickly when the rest of the tank was going bonkers with really fast growth. it's most likley a house plant. aquatic lillies have no strength to the stems, uproot them and take out of the water and the leaf will hang like a wet tissue. i'd guess if you pull that out it'll stand erect. if this is the case it's 100% a house plant.
yeah basically aquatic plants use the water for boyancy to present the leaves to the light, no need for any strength in the stems. there are a couple of exceptions like anubias and a few thick stemmed high light plants but for your basic selection in a LFS plant tank that rule of thumb is generally a good way to go.
So today I took the plant out and it stood up straight like you said it would, BUT, when I put it into the tank, it had zero roots, and now it has two 1/4" to 1/2" roots growing out of it, so i decided to see if it would stay growing in my tank. here are some pics:




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