Pics Of My Shark And Gouramis Pet of the Month
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Oct 22, 2006
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Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Not the best of pics, I have a really crummy old camera. I was supposed to be getting a second hand (but still very new and flashy) SLR camera, but somehow, we're unsure whether during transport or the old owner did it, but the pins are bent in the memory card slot. So I'm still using my little digi I've had since i was 11. The new camera I'm getting is an Olympus E500

Anyways, heres some pics of my fish.

Kelvin the rainbow shark


Gouramis fighting


A lone gourami

A pair of gouramis

What do you think? I ended up using flash, I used a macro setting, but I can't turn the flash off, on the acmera so it automatically uses it for macro. But it dosn't really show up, except for making the gouramis over shiny.

Great looking fish - love Kelvin.

Have you got a full tank shot?
oh my mistake its the wall :) i would put a plain blue background on there it would look great :good:
I was thinking more of a greener background, with lots or plants.
Nice tank and pics.
One comment though. Should you really be keeping 2 male dwarf gouramis with each other?
So far they are quite happy, they established there own territories and its only when one drifts into the others territory that they start bickering. Never bad enough to wound though, just nudging. Theres a really strong filter in there, so the fighting never lasts long, as they'll get caught up in the current, and for some reason keep getting blown past freddie the bristlenose, who attempts to hit them with his tail. So it all works well. Theres actually a trio of dwrafs in there, so one dosn't get constantly picked on, I'm conisdering adding another one, but think I'll leave it for now.

LOL i did mean to put a piece of dyed blue and green fabric on the back, but I like the pink effect, it looks cool LOL.
I cant belive it took me three hundred pics to get two nice pics of an albino paradise fish. I finally got some nice clear ones though. This is Gavin, please don't comment on the gravel, I'm a girl I'm allowed to like hot pink LOL.



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