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Sure... :drool: . Hermit Crabs climb on stuff. Coryda Catfish are better. :rofl:
Can they be kept in captivity? :unsure: I've seen them at beaches but never in pet shops of tanks. They make me giggle. :)

welcome to the forums!
Yes they can be kept in captivity. They just need a speical type of food. and probably have more than one.
hehe i love hermit crabs and i'm looking in to getting a couple after i get settled back at school in sept.
is it true you can buy diff coloured shells for them that they will exchange for there own?
i think they are such interesting creatures and would make neat pets .... erm, do they pinch loads or can you not handel them?
if they feel threatened they will pinch. Usally they just hide in there shells when that happens. You can get different colored shells. But eventully the paint chips off and u have to clean it up before the crab eats it...
i like hermit crabs....i have one in my room in a nice 20gal tank :D i never see him though....ever since i made a nice big house for him, he don't wanna come out! i only see him when i happen to be up really really early....like 2-5AM. other than that, i haven't seen him in the last month or so. i hear him shifting n stuff, but never see him....he's cute, but i'm terrified of touching him! i've been pinched once by a smaller crab i had, and i am officially traumatized!! that SOB hurt like you wouldn't believe!!!! the hermy i have now is about 2-3 times bigger than that one, so no way that things pincher is coming near my unprotected hand!

but i love him.....even though i'm scared of him :lol:

edit-they pinch when you tick them off....the one that pinched me wasn't ticked off, but i was feeding him while he was in my hand, and my guess is that he mistaked me for his food, cuz he started making the pcik and eat motions with his smaller claw as he hung onto me for dear life with his large claw. he eventually let go and left a nice red mark :rolleyes:
Don't usally feed them in your hand. Same thing happened to me.
that was the first time i tried. lol....wasn't very fun. i never held him again afterwards.....just hurt so bad!!! and he didn't even meen it! i'd hate to get pinched by one when they're mad!

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