Odd Behavior, Sudden Deaths

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Oct 27, 2006
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Atlanta, GA United States
I've been combating an algae problem for a little while now, and finally have it undefr control, but now my fish are acting weird and a few have died. The fish all appear to be having some sort of seizure. they will be fine for a while, then start spasming and swimming erratically. The ones that have died have either launched themselves out of the tank, or died with their mouths wide open.

I was thinking some sort of poisoning

Tests all come back ok

Nitrates 15
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
PH 6.8
Hardness 3 deg KH, 5 deg GH

Water was a light green before planting and using an algacide, now it is crystal clear.

Edit: Most of the fish seem like they are gasping for "air". Debating on doing a 100% water change
Is that algacide out of the tank as it sounds like that the med is not agreeing with them.

Did you increase aeration with it.
Do a water change and run some new black carbon.
I dont know how long the algacide will stay present in the water since it says to dose every 3 days. I did a 50% change 2 days ago and dosed about 6 hours before that. I was wondering if chlorine would cause this, because i ran oout of dechlorinator during the change
metal poisoning sounds liek a good candidate to me
i ran out of conditionr about 3/4 way through the change. I am forced to do my changes 5 gallons at a time

Edit: Are there any test kits for heavy metals present in water
I would run some black carbon new, and run down to the lfs and get some water conditioner.
What product did you use for an algacide? Chlorine & chloramine will irritate fish, and an irritated fish will behave the way you have described.

If you pick up some Prime, one of the best water treatments on the market, it will take care of any metals present if that is a concern.

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