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Dec 27, 2021
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So I decided to make yet another tank, this time with Cryptoheros Nanoluteus.
I've never seen these fish before, but I learned about them on this forum:

Later I found out that in the whole country I could only find one place that had them (I know there are plenty of fish stores that probably have them, they just don't advertise it online). And luckily enough it was only 100km away from my place :)
So I went and bought them.
All three of them.
Just... one of them was cryptoheros cutteri (mistaken - they were all pale in the store) - so I gave it away to my local fish store.
Cycling the tank was easy for me - I putted filtration media from established, healthy tank (240 litres), as well as the water from it.
My water from the well is around 7.2pH and around 13°dH (German scale) which should fit those guys quite well.
Water temp is set to 25°C (77°F).
Dimensions of the tank are 80cm (long) x 35cm (wide) x 40cm (high).
Decor as seen below. No plants. Fine sand, with addition of some gravel (to give it more natural look, I was inspired by Lee Nuttall youtube channel, which was recommended by felow user Wills.
Wood is good ol' red moor.

Heater: Aquael Platinium 100W
Filtration: Aquael Turbo 500
Aquael Leddy Tube Retrofit 10W Plant (8000K)
Aquael Leddy Tube Retrofit 16W Sunny (6500K) (I keep it off, it's way to bright for my liking when I turn it on).
Stocking/fauna: 2x Cryptoheros Nanoluteus.

I guess that's all :)
Forgive me the dirty glass.

In this video I'm feeding them with HS Aqua Cichlids Pellet S. I also use Hikari pellets, Tropical Soft Line, as well as Naturefood and HS Aqua (O.S.I.)


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