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May 26, 2022
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Orlando, FL
Hi I'm Spideysmom, proud owner of a beautiful stars and stripes Betta, going on 3 months now.
I also have a 10gallon aquarium in which I have a female cherry Barb, a male Red tail dalmatian platy, a male swordtail, and a clown pleco. I had a female dalmatian platy that happened to be pregnant when I got her. Had at least one fry that I am positive about 24hrs after enter new tank environment. This tank has been established about 3weeks now. So the fry are about 3wks old. One I call him Nemo, is coming out to eat.
I have a few questions. Was kinda hoping someone might have some advice. My daughter says she thinks it was her Betta that protected her guppy fries from being food. Do you think if I captured the one fry that I'm aware of and place it in my Betta tank? So use him as a nursery?

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