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Jan 3, 2007
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Hi All

I have got my new Juwel Rio 125 up and running and full of plants. I have to confess that I am very new to plants, well thats not quite true, I have always used live plants, but I have never really paid much attention to them. I have used a fertilised substrate under the stones.

Here are some pics, the water is still a little cloudy, even after the hours spent cleaning stones.

Apologies for the poor quality, using my camera phone.



What do you guys think?

Also, will that amount of plants help speed up the cycling?

Looks good. :good: However, one of your plants isn't a true aquatic and will decompose in your tank. It is called the ribbon plant, I believe the scientific name is dracaena sanderia, and it is commonly sold as an aquarium plant. It has white and green stripes on it's leaves. Kind of hard to point it out since you have so many plants, but it is about the third tall plant from the left. It looks like you have two of them. This pic isn't the best example but it works. There is another plant that looks like mondo grass, which is a terrestrial plant and will also die underwater. Also most people when starting with a planted tank will do a "silent" cycle. Because plants use up ammonia and other toxins in the aquarium before the reach high levels, the aquarist is able to place a small bioload in the tank without seeing the characteristic ammonia spike. Here are some sites that describe silent cycling.
Also what kind of light are you using? It doesn't seem very bright.
Hi Sammie

Thanks for the feedback

At the moment I am just using the standard juwel lamps that come with it, both 18w. One is a bluelight and the other orange. I know that eventually these will need upgrading and adding to, havent got the cash at present though :(

I will whip that plant out before it starts going manky

Hi mate, Ive got a Rio 125 too and changing the bulbs changed the tank alot! Much brighter. Replace them with interpet daylight plus 24" 18W. Theyre the best in my opinion. Arcadia freshwater are also good.
I have just been to my LFS and stuck some reflectors in which will help until I get hold of some better tubes

Have started the cycling today. Added 75ml of ammonia which should take it up to 6ppm. Test kit is rather annoying as it goes from straight from 4 to 8, with no colour chart for in between. Have just order a Nutrafin master test kit which I hope will solve this issue.

LFS have given me a big clump of mature filter wool from there sump which should help things along.

How long should I expect to wait until this ammonia is used, given the amount of plants I have?


EDIT - The test kit is showing that the ammonia level is way off the scale. Not too sure if its just because it needs more time to spread around the tank.

I used the following equation to work out the dosage although I didnt account for the displacement of the substrate and plants.

125 (litres) / 1000000 x 6 (ppm) * 9.75 (% Ammonia of the solution)

Is this right, or have I ballsed it up?

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