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Mar 8, 2006
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scotland uk
few pics of my new tank upgrade from a aqua 1 620 too th aqua 1 850 :)

pic 2 empty layout no fish

pic3 what u think of my slate layout !!

pic 4 full tank view an a few little changeds with plants

pic 5 closer view


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pic 6 bog wood a hit with my plec

pic7 jus ta few more lol

pic 8 last 1

im well happy with my new tank set up,im wanting a few more plants tho giv the fish a few more spots to hide in,also wanting a gd top floating for fish stocking im not sure yet any1 any suggestions?

i have

5 cory
1 lo38 prince tiger plec
8 neons
4 cardinal neons
1 betta( for the time being my we bro wants him in his tank which i sold him)


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hi m8 i have an 850 with the stand that comes with them ( it's in the garage empty ) think i will try and sell it, anyway did do you find that the pump vibrates a lot of the lid i got rid of pump and used an eheim2224 external filled it up with all the media then pumped it back up through the lid let it flow along the lid which was full of charcol and floss and out the other side ( silent ) and lots more filtering going on. it makes a hell of a difference, it's like 2 filters but only using the power of 1 external...
ps get the back of your tank painted or covered BLACK and it will be spot on CHEERS FA ABERDEEN :D
im still deciding on a back ground either full black or 1 of the poster1s out the fish my filter doesent vibrate at all strange!! ive got a fluval3 plus, away to go in it aswell for extra filteration ,i find the aqua1s are not the best with th filters!id offer to buy ur stand but then my tank would be to high to put in its posistion soz!im away to cupar fife tomo to go to a fish store over there its well better than any in dundee and perth.thanks for the comments!! :)

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