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Dec 19, 2006
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Northampton, UK
Hi all,

This is my first attempt at starting an aquarium, have done a lot of research and will continue to do so. I'm starting a fishless cycle tommorrow. Have read some pros and cons of cycling with and without planting first. I'm trying planted.

Tank is a Juwel Rekord 120, took exactly 100litres to fill after substrate and wood.

I've used Silicia sand as a substrate, 2 pieces of bogwood.

Planted with: Anubias(have attached to one of the pieces of wood), Amazon sword plant, some sort of Vallisneria (has red and green leaves), 1 red and 1 green Cabomba (I think), and a Brazilian Milfoil ( I think)
I need to confirm some of my plants actually, I was too excited when I bought them and didn't really listen to what the guy at the LFS was saying. I think the descriptions above are right, have checked in some of my books and they seem to be correct.

Took alot of water to rinse the sand, but think it was worth it. The water is still cloudy but is clearing well, its notas bad as I was expecting.



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Thanks for the comments. Only really seen aquariums in the LFS and books, so good to get some feedback from 'real' people. :nod:

Before I added the bogwood I rinsed it under the shower, soaked it in the bath, and rinsed it with boiling water, guess what? My tank looks like its full of tea! Have got a carbon element in the filter so hopefully that will clear the water. Will change that fairly often until the water clears.

Back to cycling and water testing, I find it quite relaxing testing water.
Some more pics. I managed to get some filter media from a friend so didn't have to worry about cycling. I've only put 6 danios in so far, just keeping an eye on water stats to make sure the filter media is ok. All going well so far.

Tank water is nice and clear, Have been doing 40% water change every 3rd day to clear the tea colour, plants are growing at an alarming rate, I need to id some of the plants because I haven't got a clue what they are.


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The plants on the right are definately cabomba and they will likely grow at an alarming rate as they are fast growing plants, this is what you want when just starting an aquarium as it will help combat algae, just just part of the tops off and replant them to bush them out more and give a bigger plant mass thus helping to combat algae. The plant in the closeup shot looks a bit like java fern leaves but im not exactly sure, if it is java fern then it will need to be tied to wood also, for a better ID post the pics in the planted section.
thanks for looking, the plant to the right in the close up is an amazon sword plant, there is some valisneira back there too, not sure what the one to the left of the picture is though, i'll try planted section, thanks for the advice
great set up youve done there,well done you :good: keep posting it will be interesting to see the tank develop,

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