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My first saltwater tank - Aqueon Frameless Cube Aquarium, 3 Gallon

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Just an update! All is still going well. The algae issue seems to have died down a lot! I've also had a single banded trochus snail for about 2 weeks now and it does a great job of eating the algae. The corals are looking great. Event the Kenya tree is showing signs of recovery, although small at this time. The new montipora coral is growing so great signs! Water paramters are very stable. I was watching some YouTube video about starting a new saltwater tank, and I suppose this also applies to freshwater too depending on circumstances. After the cycle there's an ugly algae phase. That's what just happend in my tank. So I prob should have waited until that had happened before adding anything to the tank perhaps. I've heard people say it can take a while for this all to complete in a new saltwater tank so the time it took for this one wasn't too long.




Oh, and I did follow the lighting as suggested. I slowly moved it up in amount over a few days. This is what it is at now.

Well, continuing on. So I did have a partial half glass top on the tank but discovered you shouldn't have a top on a salt water tank for gas exchange. It has been removed. Not much of the previous coral I had has survived. I've gotten the parameters stable, maybe even due to removing the top. I'm trying a new coral now. Toadstool Leather Coral. It has been very happy since I've gotten it yesterday.


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