Moving fish to breeding tank seems to have caused stress more than anything.

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Jan 5, 2023
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Looking for advice,
I moved some nano fish out of a 80 liter tub . They have been breeding but eggs have a low hatch rate . Decided to move them into a 20 liter tank for a week with heater . To make temp more consistent and to make it easier to pull eggs as they have less plants to lay on. I moved the whole group two females are carrying eggs but they seem more stressed by the move . They have the same 3 spawning mops in . A few little floating plants. Should I give them time to settle or move them before they get two stressed ?
I think it might depend on how stressed they are. What are you seeing in their behavior?
Make sure the tank has a dark substrate and a picture on the back and sides.

Make sure the water chemistry is exactly the same as the tub.

If you are only getting a few eggs, separate males and females for 5 days before putting them together in the breeding tank.

If male fishes are breeding too often, they produce less sperm and that can reduce the number of fertile eggs. Separating males for a few weeks can help increase egg fertility.

Make sure the adults are fed 3-5 times a day for at least 2 (preferably 4) weeks before breeding. this lets them gain some weight and develop good quality gametes (eggs & sperm). Continue feeding them well while breeding and for several weeks after breeding.
Make sure you do lots of big water changes when feeding more often so the water and tank stays clean.

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