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May 18, 2022
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Virginia, USA
Hello all, In case you didn't see my previous emergency post about the surprise arrival of my new lil oddballs... I will recap. Because I don't expect you to know, lol.

So earlier this week my delivery of 8 ivory mystery snails and 6 neon blue tuxedo guppies arrived and I was thrilled! So I began pulling out the two bags of snails (that I'd requested be separated) and then reached for the guppies.... and freaked out when I saw mystery fish instead. Turns out... I really think that they are three stiphodon gobies! After you guys here were kind enough to get me on track, I finally managed to get to a petco today, planning to pick up a new 10 gallon for them, to get them in a proper habitat. The manager there was super amazing, and it turns out he was able to identify what exact type of goby they are as cobalt blue. It turns out he has a tank with mostly bumblebees and he was a wealth of information. I have come home with a tank, plants, and supplies to begin my hardscape. I have also ordered a (hopefully) beautiful piece of natural manzanita to do a tree root effect. My plan is to lay down fluval stratum, maybe make some nice hills in it. I am hoping to have one corner a little higher for interest. Then I will plant it and cover it with some black sand that I happen to have. I got some natural appearance river rocks that I am going to put into the tank as well as some that I am actually going to steal from a pile at my dad's house. I just moved in here and he has a beautiful pile of small natural style stones that he put under my deck. I will boil those along with the larger rocks of course. Then position them in the tank along with a larger rock that was just so pretty. It looked like a pretty little shelf of sandstone. I plan to make it a high point in a back corner with some of the larger pebbles on it. That is the idea... and the plan actually starts once their new filter and heater arrive. At least they have the three new plants to keep them company in the meantime.
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Jul 22, 2020
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Sounds as though it's going to beautiful! Looking forward to following your progress :) Fantastic to get some unusual bonus fish as well! That's really awesome.

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