Large Blue Tang Needs New Home :/


Fish Herder
Jul 23, 2004
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North Yorkshire (York Area)
Common name: Regal Tang
Quantity: 1
Estimate size: 6"
Delivery or Collection:Collection Only due to size
Where was the item originally purchased: Aquatics to your door
How long have you had the item: 3 Years
Sales price: offers even stupid ones as he needs a bigger tank.please
Postage & Packaging: not offered
Location: Pocklington YO42 between York and Hull on the 1079

6" Regal Tang in excellent health, currently living in a 100g 5ft tank so would need something bigger as thats the main reason Im selling him. Don't think its fair as no doubt he will still continue to grow. Hes lived in the tank for almost 3 years now and was originally treated for white-spot when I bought him so no worries on that score. Eats like a stomach with fins and has a fantastic personality. Will be sorry to see him go as hes a much loved member of my tank
If your interested , please make an offer. You would no doubt have to pay about £50 from a local fish shop for this size of fish. Or would consider giving him away to the right set up as long as he finds a good home
Pics below are about 2 years old and hes grown a fair bit since then..




Fish Crazy
Jun 6, 2009
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heya, i have a 180 litre tank, which is 55 gallons i think.
is this too small?
if so then its ok, but i was looking for one of these for a while. used to keep them in a 7ft tank years ago, and have onoly recently got back into marines

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