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Nov 20, 2006
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im wondering can i put a kribensis in a 55gallon with my fish, rams, keyholes, gouramis?
Kribs can be really territorial with other fish that stay on the bottom. The rams may be bullied by the krib so i dont think personally its a good idea.
I would personally say that it is okay to do that but If I were you I would get some dither fish( small fish such as danios and tetras that distract other fish) and pop a school of those in there and you shouldnt have any problems. I how that this advice helps.
The 55g Will have alot of caves, and a few plants, would they be safe to put in?
Nope, i wouldnt. Kribs are territorial in general, just wait till they spawn, your Rams and other bottom dwellers will be bullied all over the tank. Dither fish arent much use for Kribs as they primarily look at ground level or just above (where the Rams etc dwell)

My Kribs have just spawned and even my Corys, BN Plecs, Hoplos get chased....god forbit a poor Ram getting nailed :(

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