Is this silicone safe? Quick help is appreciated :)


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Dec 28, 2020
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If you have some light and circulation in the 5, the plants can be OK for a few days if they are healthy. Even better is if somebody can change some water in the little tank. If so, make sure they know to add a bit of dechlor if you normally use it.

I recentl parked a few plants in a 5.5 for way too long. I lost some leaves but no full plants. I am talking a couple of eweks not days. But I have so many plants I could have thrown them out and never noticed. I just have a thinkg about throwing out healthy plants which is why my planted tanks look like jungles.

As a rule the more light and nutrients a plant species needs, the less time you can park it as above. But ferns and anubias etc. usually do fine thid way for a few days.
They all should be healthy, except for the anubias and banana plant which were from another tank and are struggling, but it's not the end of the world if they die.
Otherwise I have valisneria, crypts, some kind of sword, and dwarf hairgrass. The grass is the only thing actually planted.
There's good water circulation in the five gallon, and I have the same LED light they were under before.
I feel like they'll be fine, I've done worse things to them, I just don't want to buy more lol
Thanks! Sorry if I seem impatient I just have a lot of questions.

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