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Sep 18, 2011
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Hi, looks like my daughters fancy goldfish 'bubbles' is on his last. Just laying on the bottom of the tank. Has mad moments but they really are moments now.

Bit sad, he is as far as i can gather about 8 or 9years old. Spent about a year in my care but spent most of his life in a 20x10x10 tank :sad: .
My daughter is ok with it as its not sudden.

She wants a full change on the tank once bubbles has gone with maybe some tankmates for the goldies. Wondered if you lot had any suggestions. My mind is still nuked by that mudskipper creation :blink: .

The tank is 36X18X15 somewhere around 130L, 2 tubes in the lid and a pants internal filter (rated for 200l, optimisticly i feel!) that is going to be upgraded shortly.

There are 2 goldfish in there with bubbles, both maybe 6-9 months old and already a good 3 inches long. Might add a heater to take the temp up a little as its only around 12-14 deg atm. To maybe 18deg to open the options up for other fish.

I have some java fern in there, they quite like to nibble on it and it grows fast enough to recover, but that can change.


Fish Crazy
Feb 9, 2012
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are they fancy goldfish or just commons??? you could try some snails but my sister has some in with her 15cm commons (one might be a commet) but the fish keep eating them :unsure: i think you should probably stick with the goldies you've got as they get pretty big - commons can reach over a foot long!!! i dont recommend getting any smaller fish cos they'll be eaten like the snails. i think you should leave the tank cold as goldies tend to prefer it.
i'd just like to add that i'm fairly new to fish keeping so this is just what i've read and you can do what you want.

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