Horsefaced Loaches


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Oct 25, 2003
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Common Names: Horsefaced Loaches.

Scientific name: Acantopsis dialuzona.

Family: Cobitidae

Origin: Southeastern Asia, Sumatra, Borneo, Java; occurs in fresh water only.

Maximum Size: 8"

Care: A large Loach that requires a fine, soft substrate to bury in. Provide plenty of hiding places if you want to see it above ground. Can and will jump so be sure to provide a good lid with no gaps. Another socail fish that does best in groups. A peacefuly Loach that can live peacefully in most community tanks with peacefull occupants.

Feeding: Accepts most foods prefering frozen and live foods.

Sexing and Breeding: Little is known about breeding.

Comments: A wonderful Loach with an inquisitive nature. However, they are rarely seen but you can consider it more of an 'event' when you see the fish poking out above the substrate.


Mar 18, 2005
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Ok well I might have to disagree a bit with the "they are rarely seen" comment, I currently have 2 of these guys and you'd think because they were in such small numbers that they would hide quite a bit however they are out almost 24/7 and they never hide in my tank. Though when the lights are off they do burry under the sand with just their heads poking out (so cute!) but the minute the lights go back on they are out and about! So in my experience they aren't a shy fish but I guess every fish is different :good:


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