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Oct 9, 2003
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Hi everyone,

i have been a member on here for ages, but have not been on here for probably at least 2 years, possibly more. and alot has changed so i thought i would reintroduce myself as i am back!!

My name is Tom. I am 17, been keeping tropical fish for 8/9 years. At one point i had 7 tanks, now i just own 2. I have alot of experiance with most tropicals, including livebearers, catfish, dwarf cichlids, s. american cichlids, oddballs, puffers etc. I work in an aquatics shop (its a Maidenhead Aquatics store, for those who live in the UK). I also keep reptiles, and have alot pf experiance with them, including with aggressive, venomous and very large animals.

I now own 2 tanks, one is a nice colourful community tank containing:
3 Blue Rainbow fish
3 Rams
3 Angel Fish
9 Rummy Nosed Tetra
1 Half Banded Spiny eel

And the other is a big tank full of oddball fish containing:
1 Asian Featherback Knifefish (notopterus notopterus)
2 Polypterus Senegalus
1 Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri
1 Large Common Pleco
1 Synodontis Eupterus
1 Reedfish/Ropefish
1 Polypterus ornatipinnis

Other pets include

3 Guinea pigs
1 Dog
1 Gargoyle Gecko
2 Crested Gecko
2 Chinese Cave Gecko
3 Rankins Dragons
3 Corn Snakes
3 Hognose Snakes
2 Trinket Snakes
1 Sinaloan Milk Snake
1 Spotted Python

In a few months time, i am hoping to branch into the marine side of the hobby, i have just started saving up. I will post up more about that on another section of the forum, as i have a few questions.

cheers all
TTFN (TaTa For Now)



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Apr 10, 2012
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Hi and welcome.

all you need is a few monkeys and you got your own zoo :lol:

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