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Dec 27, 2006
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I was putting a baby snail in my tank...he fell in and I can't find him anywhere! I looked and looked he's so tiny compared to my gravel... and I don't wan't my fish to eat him! What do I do?!
He should be ok, he will appear when he's ready.
That's what I figured but i'm afraid he is upside down.
Moving the gravel around if he's tidy could bury him, can't think of anything to do if he's to small to find.
What fish do you have? If you have certain kinds of loaches they may have eaten him! Im not supposed to be giving any advice due to one of my last posts about a bala shark....:( SO anyway,go with what Wilder said and really check through the gravel :D Good mluck!
ye, it's most probably been munched on. Almost any fish, especially loaches, will eat it happily.

what kind of snail was it anyway?

Thank you for the responses! Yes I found him. I don't know what kind of baby he is. My wildest guess is a mystery snail. As for my fish no they don't bother him. They are very sweet. Hopefully the snails start to get big because it is a hassle trying to spot them out in my tank! LOL! How long do you guys think it will take before they start to grow bigger?

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