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Aug 13, 2004
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Sunny (!) UK
Hi Everybody!

I'm new to tropical fishkeeping - and have just finished fishless cycling my first tank :cool: (it's only a small one - 7 gallons - to see how I get on with it!).

Very excited about getting fish soon :hyper: I've done loads of reading (books, websites, forums) so hopefully I'm prepared now!

I've found loads of really useful info already in this forum - so a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributes. :clap:
:hi: to the forums :thumbs:

What fish are you planning to have?
Thanks for the reply! :D

Very wary of overstocking - especially with such a small tank - so I'll probably get a pair of gouramis and either a small bottom dweller or a couple of guppies (same sex - not ready for multitudes of babies yet!!).

What I'd REALLY like is to just go out and buy a 4 ft tank and fill it with all sorts of wonderful fish - but I'm trying to be sensible and not run before I can walk! :S
Welcome, Oh Glugging One!!!! :D

Hellooooo!! to you tooooo!!

Did you know that it is actually meant to be harder to keep a smaller tank, so if you succeed, we're with you all the way. We will pick you up if you fall!!!! :flex:

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