Got a cool picture of my golden wonder killifish Pet of the Month
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Oct 1, 2021
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I just thought I would share a cool picture of my golden wonder killifish :)


These were my first experience with killis and I love them - especially the male, he is hilarious. He's so fun to feed and watch jump out of the water for food. Everytime I put my fingers in the tank for whatever reason he tries to eat me. Definitely has some big fish energy.

Recently we started seeing some fry from our two females. Of course I had to go out and spend more than any of my fish are worth for equipment to start raising them >.>

Someone had asked a while back about breeding the golden wonders. I really don't think these are a demanding type of killifish - if they're healthy, stable tank parameters, and high quality food, I'm sure you will see them start to hang out together and soon after you'll see those little fry eyes peering out at you from your clumps of floating plants.

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