getting a new tank and considering cold water


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Oct 14, 2011
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Eastern Canada
both of those first rainbows are everywhere. pseudomugil mellis i havent seen bot there are signifer and tenellus.

purple spotted gudgeons are $19 each at the local aquarium shop. I personally like empire gudgeons and peacock gudgeons more.
Chlamydogobius eremius I am yet to encounter.

Rhadinocentrus I havent seen yet but could probably find
Do you see those glowing green spots on the northern horizon? There are two of them...

That's just my eyes feeling jealous.


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Jan 26, 2008
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Perth, WA
People in the US can contact Gary Lange (American rainbowfish association) and see if he will send you some eggs.

People in Europe can contact the German rainbowfish association for eggs. Have the eggs shipped express post during warm weather and you are set to go.

I would send you fish from Australia but the government has so many regulations to go through it's virtually impossible to export native fish or fish eggs legally. We need proof that we have owned the fish for x number of years and that the fish we are sending out are x generations captive bred. They need vet certificates and all sorts of bs. It's dumb.

Same issue with native birds. Farmers and governments all over the country kill thousands of native parrots every year. But they refuse to trap the birds and sell them overseas. Every year the government spends millions trying and prosecuting people that steal wildlife from the bush and smuggle them overseas to sell on the black market, but they aren't willing to stop the black market by legally supplying overseas markets with legally trapped birds. No, they can't do that, we have to shoot the birds instead.

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