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Aug 21, 2021
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North Yorks
As many of us know, keeping fish can become difficult if, for example, you have health issues and need to rehome your fish or you move home and cannot take your fish with you or you have fish that have outgrown your aquarium or have behavioural problems etc....

So with that in mind, how about making a list of fish rescue & adoption charities and companies that can help when making that difficult decision and possibly save a few fishy lives along the way

A couple of places to start with....

In Chicago, US, there is Betta Fish Rescue

In Sussex, UK, there is Sims Fish Rescue

Across the UK there is FishOrphans

How many other organisations and charities do you know about and can list on this thread, local area or further afield that might help people facing difficulties with their fish?


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Sep 3, 2020
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That's a damn good idea. I don't know of any place though.
I would also like a list of carers who would be able to drop in to check on them over holiday periods etc. It's my wife's biggest gripe that we are stuck in the house as we can't go away for a break as we (I) need to care for 7 tanks of fish.


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Oct 14, 2011
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Eastern Canada
I have spoken to a number of pet store employees who say it's company policy to accept all rescues, isolate, and kill them as soon as the person who dropped them off was gone. Those fish sell fast is the story.

There is no placing large plecos or oscars when you run a store. People can do it themselves via message boards, etc.

An increasing number of aquarists are getting into CARES type fish breeding, where species identified as at risk of extinction are bred and shared to preserve them. I think there's a future there if people care about fish welfare.

Otherwise, the solution now is the same as it was 20 years ago - join or start an aquarium club, find people who can give an unwanted fish a good home and learn and make friends. I can't count the number of times our club has had groups go clean out the fish set ups of recently deceased members, and on at least 3 occasions I've had terminally ill aquarists ask me to keep some of their fish for them to give them a good home (I've always said yes, btw). I've seen clubs auction unwanted gear and give 100% of the profits to the family or the ill fishkeeper.

I'm as bad as anyone - I just moved to a clubless city and I'm questioning whether forming a group is worth the effort. I'm as socially lazy as most people in 2022. But I am making an effort to network, see who is who and make connections locally, as well as on not very local forums like this. If 2 or 3 younger people want a club, I'll help.

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