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Nov 28, 2006
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Teesside, UK
I have a 6 gallon shrimp tank with red cherry shrimp and a nerite snail.

I have sand substrate and a internal filter which has only sponge as the medium.
There are two pieces of wood in the tank. The small chunky piece has anubias bonsai attached to it, and the long thin piece is standing on its end, leaning into the corner, with java moss attached. Because of the way the wood is standing the moss is creating a pine tree effect. Planted in the sand is another small slow growing plant, Schismatoglottis preitoi.
Something to be aware of with shrimps is that plants are often treated with insecticide and/or snail killer which will kill shrimps. I strongly advise making sure than any plants you buy are shrimp safe. I would rather have pest snails coming with the plants than dead shrimps!

When I first set up this tank I fed them Hikari Shrimp Cuisine as that's the only shrimp food I could find in the local stores. I have since changed to a better quality food and the numbers have increased significantly since then. So look for a good quality food for the shrimps.

Amanos don't breed in fresh water. They do lay eggs and the females carry them under their abdomens but they hatch into a larval stage which needs salt water to survive. But just about all other shrimps eggs hatch into miniature adults and it is very easy to suck them up when doing a water change. Always check the old water thoroughly before throwing it away if you keep any shrimps other than amanos.

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