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Sep 23, 2013
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Please enter now!
(please read NEW RULE below)

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, all our fish lovers around the world. It's time for our monthly Tank of the Month Contest!

This month we are allowing only aquariums sized at 17 US gallons (64liters) to 29 US gallons (110 liters) to be entered in the TOTM contest.

If you have a tank of the above stated size, please consider entering this month's contest. It doesn't matter whether your tank is planted or not planted and it doesn't matter if your tank is not yet near your final goal. More entrants make the contest more interesting, so enter your tank today!

How do I enter?
New Rule: A picture uploaded via our "attach files" tool with a handwritten note held in front or attached to your tank with "July 2020 TFF TOTM" written on it is required to validate your entry. If you wish, you may post either a second picture OR a video (not both) without the note attached. Right under it, post a nice detailed write-up of your tank.
**The write up should include a good description of your tank including size, age of setup, fish stocking, water parameters, ferts used, lighting, filtration type, aeration, tank maintenance procedures, feeding schedules, etc.
Please note: When we set up the voting poll, we delete the picture with note attached if you post two pics. Only one pic OR one video will be posted in the voting poll.
  • The tank you enter must be in your household
  • If you won a TOTM contest previously, you must skip at least 2 contests before you can enter a different tank.
  • Video can be uploaded to youtube and then a link to the video may be posted in this thread.
  • A detailed description is required!
  • Entries will be accepted till 4 pm EST on July 6th or when we have 10 entrants...whichever comes first. Any entrant who posts an entry after we have 10 entrants will be asked to enter the next TOTM contest and his post will be deleted. The winner will be decided by votes cast by FishForums.net members. Good luck everyone, and may the best Tank win!
Please don’t post any opinions about any specific entry. Such posts will be promptly deleted. Thread will be cleaned up occasionally for readability
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May 8, 2019
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Lawrenceburg KY
July TTF TOTM.jpg

July TFF TOTM 2.jpg

This is my tank "Planted Paradise"!

Size: 29g US Gallons (Material: Glass)

Age of setup: Around 8 months


Heater: Interpet 2-15 gallon

Filter: Tetra Wisper 2-10 gallon (With standard floss, and sponge)

Light: Desk clip lamp, with a bright LED bulb

Extra Equipment: DIY floating plant separator. (Made out of two suction cups and fishing line) a light separator. (Made out of airline tubing) and a black trash bag as a background.


[8] Neon Tetras

[6] Panda Corydoras

[1] Male Albino BNP

[40] Cherry Shrimp

[60+] Pond, MTS, and BRH snails


Anancharis (Broad leaved and narrow leaved)

Anubias (Two types)

Lacy Java Fern


Java Moss (Which has taken very nicely to the tank)

(No fertilizers are used in the tank.)


Neon Tetras: One pinch of Omega One flakes 5 days a week. The other two days, I fast them.

Albino BNP: Blanched cucumbers

Snails/Shrimp: Blanched cucumbers


4 Pieces of driftwood

1-2 pounds of Dragon Stone

Smooth river rocks

Play sand. (I got a lucky color on that batch. I love it)

Additional information:

I love this tank. The neon tetras really like swimming around in all of that space. The salvinia is growing very well and shades the right side of the tank. The airline tubing provides light to the right back corner of the tank. The Pleco loves the driftwood, and sits on it a lot.

I will be getting 6-8 Cory Cats (Panda or Julii) this Thursday.

A big shoutout to @NCaquatics for giving me photography tips. ;)

Thank you for viewing, and may the best tank win! :thanks:
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Nov 22, 2019
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north woods

This is my fantasy Lord of the Rings Castle tank. I set this tank up for my one year old granddaughter so she can stand (with help) and watch the fish. I have set it up on a coffee table.
Aquarium is a 29 gallon tank that I bought at a rummage sale several years ago.
The Castle is a Penn Plax two piece castle.
It has -3mm pea gravel and 2 lave stones.
Currently it has around 10 adult fancy guppies and maybe 15-20 guppy fry in it. I have platy's in QT that I plan to add in a week or so.
1 Nerite snail and several pond snails.
Plants consist of Java and Crested Java Ferns. The brown leaves have some seedlings on them.
Heater is a Tetra 30 gallon submersible heater.
Filter is an Aquatop classic aqua flow sponge filter.
Lighting is an Aqueon T-8 housed in a Perfecto hood which was purchased with the tank.
I feed my guppies Fluval Bug Bites, Omega One or Wardley tropical flakes once a day.
I use Seachem Flourish Comprehensive for the plants once a week a day after water change.
Water change is done once a week at 50%.
The tank has been setup for about 3 months.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my ( and my granddaughter) tank.
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May 19, 2020
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This is my 29 gallon tank.
It has been set up for 2.5 months now.

Stocking: I have 8 corydoras, 6 mollies, 1 platy, 2 upside down catfish, 4 guppies, and a handful of snails.

Plants: I have duckweed, anubias, moneywort, dwarf chain sword, Amazon sword, rosette sword, madagascar lace plant, marimo moss balls, java moss, hydrocotole, and a few other unidentified plants.

Hardscape: I have a few peices of spiderwood and some river stones.

Filter and heater: I have a Marieneland penguin bio wheel 150 filter and an Aquatop 150 watt heater.

Feeding: I feed my livebearers a pinch of tropical fish flakes (I mixed 3 different brands although I can't remember which brands together and put them in a large empty fish food bottle) daily along with live brine shrimp or black worms once a week. I give my catfish a pinch of API sinking cichlid pellets each morning and at night I give them 2 or 3 tetra shrimp wafers with a pinch of bottom feeder Fluval bug bites. They also get live black worms weekly. I feed my snails 1 Aqueon Algae wafer a day plus any algae in my tank and blanched cucumber weekly.

Substrate: I have Carbisea sand with some blue gravel that was left in my tank (I'm trying to remove the gravel from my tank currently)

Fertilizer: I use seachem root tabs once a month for my plants.

Cleaning: I do weekly water changes of 50-75%. I have a Mag-Float for the sides of my tank. I clean my filter in a bucket of tank water once a month.
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