Elegance Coral

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Feb 29, 2004
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houston, texas
Common Name- Elegance Coral, Wonder Coral, Elegant Coral

Scientfic name- Catalaphyllia jardinei

Family- Caryophylliidae

Origin- Indonesia

Placement: Bottom

Water Flow: Low to medium

Care:The elegance coral is a large polyp stoned corals this coral is one of the most prized and unique coral known. The elegance coral will show its vast array of colored tip tentacles. This is a very aggressive coral having very long sweeper tentacles. This coral likes a soft substrate so it doesn't damage the soft fleshy underside. This coral is one of the harder corals to keep. It has been known to to really well or do really bad. Clownfish may accept this as a host if no anemonie is present. Care should be taken while putting this coral into the tank as it can sting other corals and its owner.

Feeding:It will benefit from additional food fed daily in the form of micro-plankton or brine shrimp.

Breeding:The elegance coral breeds through releasing seed like things during the night as this is extremely rare that this ever happens in the home aquarium.



Professor Beaker
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Sep 22, 2005
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Buffalo, NY
Just to offer my own opinions. Elegance corals seem to be exceptionally difficult to keep in home aquariums over the past decade, especially in the US and UK. Anecdotal successes are reported but most specimens seem to suffer from an enlarged oral disk and shrinking tentacles, followed weeks and/or months later by recession and death. While Elegance corals do have a powerful sting, an aquarist should be cautious with their placement in the substrate as even a coral with such a powerful sting is easily damaged if another falls off the rock stack and lands on the elegance in the sand. Make sure it is not near unsecured specimens that may end up on top of it. Finally, while successes in the US and UK are few and far between, it appears that Australian reef keepers have decent luck with this species, probably due to their close proximity to collection sites.


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