Electronic Or Magnetic Ballasts For Extra Light

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Apr 1, 2006
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Hampshire. UK
I can just about fit another T8 alongside the rear light in my Juwel 180. I read the pinned article on lighting by George Farmer and feel that the Arcadia C4 lighting control unit I bought might be magnetic ( very heavy ) rather than the electronic unit that I would want, ( much less heat wasted). Is it possible to get an electronic ballast for T8 tubes or do I have to go to T5 lighting to get the lighter, more efficient ballast?
The Glomat Double Starter Unit picture looks like that the 2 tubes are "stuck" together. Theyre not right?
George you've used this in your Rio 125?
Thankyou for quick reply, ( that is whats so GOOD about this forum). Sorry to be dumb about this but if I already have a spare 25w tube which starter unit should I get- the Hagen 20w or the 30w? or do I need to get the same wattage tube as the control unit?
Go with the 30W. The tube will be fine.
It will still only give an output of 25W though not 30W.

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