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Sep 13, 2006
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Hi I have just looked at my 35 gallon aquarium and noticed that there are alot of eggs on the glass in about 4 groups with atleast 10 in each group, I believe the eggs are from the corydoras.
What should I do leave them where they are or try and move htem into another empty aquarium and let them hatch in there? If i move them do i need to set up a filter any help would be great

If you want to raise the spawn, they will need to be moved. I assume you have bronze or peppers? To hatch the eggs, yu will need a protected area. Some use a net and some use a separate tank. There will need to be water movement and a temperature about the same as the parents. The eggs get harder to move the longer they set. Peppers are harder to move than bronze. As a first try you might look for a leaf or decoration with some eggs on it. There are usually some scattered around on various objects. You will not need a filter. In a net you just put them in and wait a few days, then start feeding, which is where the difficulty with the net starts. On the other hand the nets don't need the cleaning that the tanks will need.

If you use a tank, you need a heater and an air stone. If your water is hard then you will need to use an anti fungal in the water. The tank will need cleaning daily when the wigglers hatch. You will need fry food, To start you will need some form of powder, liquid, green water, etc. Later you will need a micro worm culture or continue with the powder. Most use microworms, but I just use powder undil they get big enough for black worms. Using powder is a danger as it can fungus if not kept cleaned. But it works for me in the main tank. It is less work, but perhaps it is not as successful if you want to do large spawns and grow outs.

There is a pinned thread at the top ot the board that will give you lots of information. Thing is, if you miss this spawn, they will spawn again when you are better prepared.

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