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Does a Pleco generally disrupt or bother breeding mouth brooders???

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Magnum Man

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
right now I have a breeding group of Tilapia going... as part of my "ammonia crew", I have a medium large common pleco... this fish does a great job keeping the glass clean... I've thought about moving him to the breeding tank... he doesn't mess with even the smaller tetras in the "Ammonia Crew" wondering if he would disrupt the mating going on in my Tilapia tank???
Hello. Nah, Plecos stay hidden most of the day and only venture out toward evening to vacuum up the food the other fish have missed. Just make sure your tank has a nice hiding place. Some bunches of Anubias around an old clay planting pot works well. I have a seven year old Pleco that's really small for his age. He's no bigger than the length on your index finger and he hides in some Anubias around a small pile of rocks, under some pebbles. The Anubias has grown over one end of the tank and the Pleco only comes out in the late afternoon and only a couple of days a week. Plecos don't bother anything plant or animal.


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