Daize's Planted Photo Journal - 64L 1Wpg Low Light

A pic of one of the visiting Amano shrimp, a refugee along with other inhabitants from my 120L which has been torn down.
037 (2).JPG
Three Amano's were relocated to this tank but sadly one of them must have decided he didn't like it because he jumped or fell from the tank during the night.  We found his shrivelled body halfway across the kitchen floor the next morning.  :(
The other two Amano's seem to be doing fine and I've rehomed another two Amano's to a different tank just in case.  This little tank is rather overstocked at the moment.
Old Clarabel is still alive and doddering geriatrically around the tank.  She's still very spirited at feeding time, although her co-ordination is terrible.  When she gets close to food she will make a little rush in an effort to grab it and often completely misses, swimming straight past her target!
A tank shot because I haven't posted one in ages.  This is what the tank looks like right now.
I'm struggling with a bit of algae, possible because of the temporary overstocking.  I like having a dense jungle of plants though.  The platies love to swim in and out of the thickets and I love seeing them wriggle into the stems or unexpectedly pop out of the undergrowth!
Lovely :)
I too, like the dense jungley look, its what I try for and usually fail at :x
Clarabel's finally gone 

I'm happy for her, though.  She remained physically fit and active and was still eating normally right until the end.  I've seen some fish wither away for weeks at the end of their lives - at least she was able to enjoy hers right until the end!
Ah, sorry for you rloss Daize :sad:
Sounds like she went perfectly, am glad of this rather than, as you say, suffer during last few days.
You must be doing good by your tank :)

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