Crossbreeding Platys


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Sep 13, 2016
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I have a tank of Red Wag, Twin Bar and one Sunshine Platy. Has anyone ever cross bred those and if something comes out new who do I talk to if it’s a new color?
There are lots of people that mix certain color morphs of platies in one tank. If there's a wagtail in there (just like you have), it will show up again, once bred to another colored platy in a lot of offspring. For the wagtail trait is pretty dominant. Just the rest of the coloration on the body can differ, depending on which color trait will be passed on dominantly in phenotype.

Well, who could you talk to? Well, to your neighbour, partner, employer, me or someone else... 😄 LOL!
Just show your newborn platies on this forum and for sure someone can help you out about their phenotype. And we're all happy to see a new variety showing up...


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Oct 14, 2011
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You have to realize that none of those are natural forms of the fish to begin with, and that all are the result of linebreeding, and people choosing traits they like. There are millions of the crosses you're considering in the aquarium trade. You're starting out with fish that have been genetically manipulated by humans since the 1920s or so.
Many platys carry genes from related species as people have tried to make the original fish larger, or have tried to work in colours or fins they liked.

If you get into linebred fish, the results of your own attempts can be entertainment for sure. Getting something never seen before isn't likely, but if you work at it and discuss in places like this, you'll find people glad to talk.

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