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Apr 15, 2004
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Essex, Kirby
Ok I bought a lovely piece of bog wood on holiday and had put it in the shower for a few hours whilst on holiday thinking I had got rid of it all, come home and stick it in my tank and I get tannin.

So yesterday I stuck it in a big ol pan (that my mum cooks jam in mmmmm) and had it simmering for a good part of the afternoon until it got too hot as we had a new kitten and couldn't open doors and windows so had to stop.

It's about a 1ft long and tad under 1ft high in the middle.

How long shall I go about boiling it for and can i do anything to speed the process up?

Also to get rid of the tannin in my tank will my filters get rid of it or does it have to go by water changes?

my filtering is UG with 2 airstones, I have no fish in there at the moment so there not missing it!!


I too tried to borrow my mum's jam pan to boil bogwood :lol:

sadly without any success, she was not amused wiht the idea! instead I just put it in a bucket, poured boiling water on it and replaced the hot water once a day.

if you want to filter the tannins out you need to use activated carbon and replace it frewuently. the tannins wont hurt the fish anyway.
She was't too please abut it, although i said i'd clean it, bit of a mess aorud the rim at the moment!!

It got alot of the stuff out though.

How would I use activated carbon with my filtration?
the tanning isn't doing ur tank any harm its a natural part of their enviroment so there's no reason to get rid of it apart from the slightly yellow tinge.

if u wanna get rid of it then put it in ur tank and use active carbon in ur filter. U can get it pre-packd so u just rinse it and sitick it in ur filter or u can get it lose (cheaper) and u cet a media bag (old nylon tights would do) jus needs to have holes that the water can pass tho whilst keeping the carbon in there and simple put it in ur filter. IF u don't have a external filter then put it somewhere near the filter wit a good flow of water going past it.
i think it looks better with the tanning because it is natural

but that is just my opinion
hmmmm, I suppose thats not a bad idea, but if it's realising too much it becomes manky.

I'ved been boiling the wood for probable 12 hours now it's the waters still coming out brown, changi the water when it gets really dark.
that "colour" might be parts of the wood that's started to disolve into the water i think it's enough bioling wen i got my wood i just left it in some old tank water for about 24hrs the yellow was still there but most of it was gone.
If u got it from an lfs then it should be fine to just go in.

I have no idea why the fuss over something like a sloghtly yellow tinge in ur tank and 2hrs of boiling is a lond time. i'm supriesd that the wook has survived. i'll be supried if it don't crumble when it goes in ur tank now.
Hmmmm, well i'm doing this last boil, give it a rinse in cold water, strub the surface a bit and then it's going in the tank. It won't crumble it's a good big solid bit.

I think it might be mango root as on the back side it's been cut in a slice and it's been cut inhalf on the bottom. when it's in my tank i'll post pic of it.

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