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Aug 28, 2006
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I have a male PK, he is solid black. Father was a black/white marbled dragon, mother was a green/black.


And I have a 6 rayed pk female, her father was a red marble with tons of irredecence, and her mother was a red butterfly heres a pic of her


What kinds of colors do you think I would get from this combination? And do you think it would be a good combination? thank you.
females can flare, females can sometimes appear to not have an ovipositor, and females can have long ventrals, does he bubblenest?
I know females can flare, but males and females flare differently, the males have an extra flap of skin or something. And FYI, females can bubblenest too.

true they can, but not as readily as the males, I think yours is male, you'll soon find out!
I am by no means an expert when it comes to betta genetics and the websites posted above are excellent but I can tell you that any fry from that cross will probably have red wash and irridescence where you don't realy want it. Also, the marble anscestry means the patterns you get will be unpredictable. You are very unlikely to get any blacks but I do wonder whether that male might be a copper - in which case you could get some very pretty fry (pretty IMO anyway). There's a slim chance of getting butterflies depending on the females genotype.
So, first determine if the boy is a black or a black copper. If he is pure black--no go. If he is black copper then give it a try. The expert on genetics is Synirr. PM her if you want an educated and experienced analysis; The genetic probability table is really only as good as the knowledge of the family tree though.

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