Clown Loaches

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Jul 11, 2002
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Well gang,
After much searching and leg work, I have finally located a source for clown loaches.

I brought in 24 of the buggers to start with.

They are 3" and have great color. I may or may not put some of these up for sale as I have a spare 6ft tank and have finally decided to set it up for my own enjoyment.

The clowns are the start and not quite sure as to what else will be going in.

If anyone is interested in any of these, let me know. I want to keep at least a dozen for myself, but may just keep them all.

I will hopefully be bringing in more after I see how this initial group does.

They seem to be setteling in just fine right now, but we all know how clowns are. I did treat with a anti-paracitic, but will still be quarantining these fish for at least a week prior to placing them in their permanent home.

I will try to get some pics when I get a chance.

nice one cm cant wait to see pics i :wub: clowns got 2 of them in my tank, :thumbs:
hey cichlid where'd you get em. i got mine from an online source i found on aquabid and she was great. i got only 2 for my 29G tank. no problems so far.

there are other problems in the tank i'm posting about in emergencies ... platies and gouramis fighting like gangbusters.

worried clowns will end up victims of spot in the tank if the fish fight to the point of stressing each other out. hope not though.....

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