Cloudy Water

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Oct 13, 2002
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I have tried EVERTHING (I think) to get rid of the cloudiness in my water but it just stays there!!! I tried drops, ive been doing small water changes for 4 days now, ive cut way back on the amount of food I feed my fish, and I can still barely see the other end of my tank. What could be causing this? Ive cleaned out the gravel really well and everything. Its really frustrating.
Well its either algae or bacteria usually caused by bad tank conditions :( Good thing is its not deadly for the fish and can be fixed quite easily firs some questions....

What is the size of your tank, what are the test readings for Ammonia, NitrIte and NitrAte and when you say "small" water changes how much do you mean.
Ok I went to the LFS (i think thats the abbreviation you guys use for a pet store? :D ) and took a water sample. The guy said my tank was cycling and that it was having a hard time establishing itself because I kept making water changes. Im just going to leave it alone for about a month and see how that works.
would do small water changes once a week to ten days of about 10%. when you say that you have cut back on the food what do you have in there? when a tank is done cycling, it will get a bacteria bloom which will cause the tank to get a white cloudiness to it. what color is yours?

I have 6 tiger barbs, 2 bala sharks, 2 red swords, 5 assorted platies, and like 8 blue gouramis. I still need to get rid of some of them. The water was a white cloudiness but finally went away yesterday!!
if i remember correctly this is a 29 gallon tank? way too many fish for a newly cycling tank. the lfs is more than likely correct that you have too much of a load to properly cycle the tank and it is having problems.


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