Caves for bolivian rams - rules for spacing


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Sep 7, 2021
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Czech republic
Today I obtained 5 bolivian ram cichlids. They are in a quarantine and will be for few weeks, they are juveniles, 3 or so months if I understood the breeder correctly.
Per my research I will be aiming for a harem, one male, 4 females. The breeder agreed with me to switch males to females when they show their gender. In how many months/what size will that happen aproximatelly?
Second question, the caves/breeding spaces in the main tank. Half of the tank is a pile of wood, but ofcourse the corydoras live there. I purchased a ceramic cave, I have a ceramic tunnel (with one closed entrance, not sure if that is good) and a whole coconut with a hole. I will also try to add some plants, glue some to the ceramic things to make them look more natural, the usual.
What should the spacing between these possible hiding spaces be? Should they be out of line of sight? Or like every 40cm. Should the hiding spaces be in corners or something? Are there like a best approach for these?
This is the front side of the tank, between the wood and the glass is 2-5cm sand gap.
The back side has two echinodorus, stargrass and several juvenile cryptocorynes. I expect some hiding spaces will work best here, but again, depends on the spacing

Thanks for any advice, including a picture of one of the juveniles, keep in mind they are few hours in the tank


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Found that they are close to maturity 9-10 months in and at 4 cm or so, will hopefully find another source to confirm

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