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Jan 4, 2020
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I am so thrilled right now that i have to tell you all!
so today i went to my local meijer(department store) and have you ever walked by the fish tanks at your local department store(if they sell fish) and saw all the dying, dead, sick fish? i'm sure most of you have. Well some stores sell live plants along with their fish, while some times the plants are dying, but sometimes you strike gold! Well today I struck gold! I went to my local meijer and there were a few plants, crypts and vallisneria. And the crypt was huge!
I have never seen crypt this big! The picture does not do it justice. I think it got so big because it doesn’t look very appealing to the untrained eye.So I ended up getting 3 huge crypts! I think one is a wenditii brown, not sure what the other two are if you guys know feel free to tell me, but they are very dark! Then I saw the vallisneria and I asked for 3, well he gave me 3 bunches so I ended up having 6. The employees at these department stores are not very knowledgeable(not their fault) on these fish and especially plants, and often times there aren’t always tags, so the employees just guess on an amount, so I got each crypt for 2$ and the vallisneria did have a tag so I got them for 3.40$ each at the time I did not realize how long and healthy the vallisneria was! When I got home I rinsed all the leaves and cleaned the roots of algae then I sprayed all the plants with hydrogen peroxide then washed all the leaves again. So I encourage you to go out two your department store and look thru those dirty tanks and find some plants!


for reference this towel is 4 ft long



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