Biolife Dry Chamber

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Mikes Boots

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Aug 23, 2004
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I have a new Fluval Biolife.

The istructions suggest that the trickle chamber is mainly air filled with water trickling onto the rings.
However the chamber is FULL of water and I cannot see how it wouldnt be anyway.

Is this normal?

Thanks in advance
The empty chamber should only be full of water if the pump isn't running. :)
Just checked mine has some water in it, although its not full. I don't have my filter totally submerged.....halfway between min and max marks. Hope this helps. This is not the best filter in the world......I am rather disappointed with it. I am going to change it to an external eheim as soon as funds allow!!
Thanks Chali...

You gave me an idea.

Yeah with the pump running the water level in the chamber reduces.


(just a naive newbie!)
Hope you enjoy keeping fish......and welcome to the forum,a great place to get advice!! :hi:

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