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Fish Crazy
Jun 4, 2005
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My bettas are breeding and have been for five hours and most likely more. But they are still going strong, so i dont know when i should take the female out. It is a 10-gallon tank, so do you think she will be OK until morning? It is night time right now.
no dont leave her in unless you want a dead fish in the morning. Take her out now if you cant be there to keep an eye on them. Once the spawning has finished he will get very agressive and protective of the eggs/nest
ok thank you i took her out because i see that she is all finished and they are staying away from each other... he is guarding his nest. This isnt my first time breeding, but i never had this many eggs all the other times they bred, because this female was HUGE. ;) ^_^
considering you don't know much about breeding you should consider reading up mor eon breeding before you try again.
Oh, I thought it was a fair question. Every time will be different when breeding. Better to ask if unsure, books etc don't always have the answer to a specific question. :good: [Though obviously nobody should go into breeding bettas without background reading]

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