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Beginners Resource Center

Discussion in 'New to the Hobby Questions and Answers' started by rdd1952, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. rdd1952

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    Jan 18, 2005
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    Welcome to the Beginners Resource Center.

    Here you will find links to threads that can make your introduction into the hobby much easier. There are no steadfast rules when it comes to fishkeeping as every tank is different and what works for one person may not work for another but there are tried and true methods that work for most. The guidelines detailed in these threads will help you understand how people set up and maintain their tanks as well as more general information and answers to questions that beginners always have. By following the steps and advice given, you will be able to get your tank up and running with the least amount of problems possibe. So read, enjoy and Happy Fishkeeping!!!!!


    What's Cycling
    The Nitrogen Cycle
    Fishless Cycling
    Fish-in Cycling
    Where to find ammonia, UK and USA
    Avoiding and treating new tank syndrome

    Setting Up a New Aquarium

    Step by step guide to setting up an aquarium
    Step by step guide to weekly maintenance
    Know your filter media
    Sand as a substrate
    Wood and it's types
    Setting up a Betta Tank
    Fish Selection

    Fish Species Index
    A guide to stocking lists and fish compatibility
    Choosing your first fish
    Suitable fish for a 10 gallon tank
    Fish for a tank smaller than 10 gallons
    Algae Eaters
    Potential fish to avoid

    General Advice

    Aquarium Calculator and Convertors
    10 Rules for healthy fishkeeping
    Advice for the absolute beginner
    Some newbie no-no's
    Feeding your fish - Resource Centre
    Moving or Upgrading an Existing Tank

    Advanced Advice

    Bacterial Blooms Explained
    Hitchikers in Freshwater Tanks
    Toxicity of Ammonia

    I would like to thank Miss Wiggle for putting this list together. The only reason I have not just pinned her thread is that any time a mod edits a members thread, it shows as having been edited. It won't show that if one mod edits another mod's posts.

    If you are interested in writing an indepth thread about a topic that you think will be useful, please feel free to do so in the New to the Hobby forum and let us know. We will review it and see if it looks to be something that needs to be included.

    Once again, thank you to Miss Wiggle and to all of those that gave feedback on her original thread to help get this pinned thread going and make it much easier for our newer members to find the information they need.
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