Aquarium Maintenance Routines?


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Oct 4, 2021
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I currently have 6 tanks, 1x 125g, 1x 110g, 2x 75g, and 2x 40g. All my tanks are planted, and all have PFS (pool filter sand) as substratum, except for the two 40g, which have bare bottoms as I use them as QT tanks (but have plants too!).
I do weekly water changes, ~ 75-80%, together with rinsing filter sponges and prefilters, in aquarium water. Media in canisters (in 2 larger tanks) rinsed every 2-3 months. All filters have prefilters, so little gunk goes into the actual filters.
I do not use any chemicals or carbon, but I have to use Prime dechlorinator (due to chloramine in tap water). During water changes, I trim plants as needed, clean from glasses, and surface-vacuum the sand by hovering with siphon hose. I use a Python hose to deliver new water from storage bins and into my tanks, but I DO NOT use the python as a vacuuming device, so I don't waste water. All used aquarium water is hosed to irrigate my gardens.
I don't test tank water regularly, only when something seems amiss (rarely), but I do keep a full test kit (API pro).
My mother was very intense in fish keeping/breeding, so I have been around aquaria and fish for about 6 decades, and keeping my own (with interruptions) for over 5.


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Feb 15, 2020
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I do a weekly 50-60% water change and vacuum the substrate in my 5 gallon betta tank. The filter media gets rinsed every couple of weeks to de-clog it. The hob filter itself gets taken apart and thoroughly cleaned maybe every month or so. Since it's a small tank if I have time I sometimes also do a partial water change during the week of maybe 10-15%.

I have the API master test kit, but I rarely test my water anymore since the tank is well cycled and I keep up on water changes. That being said out of curiosity I test my water maybe every 3-4 months.


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Feb 25, 2022
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I have 10 tanks, I do the big tanks on Saturday and do the small ones are done Sunday.

The 150 g and 180 g get a 40-50% WC weekly. I vacuum the top 1/4" of gravel of the 150g. I vacuum sand surface in 180g, wipe the glass and trim the plants if needed. I rinse the filter material every other week in tank water. Ferts are dosed at that time.

The 75g, 55g (2), 45g (2), 20g, 10 g and 5 g get 50-80% WC weekly, a deep gravel vac in open swim areas or vacuum sand surface, HOB media and Sponge filters are rinsed in tank water weekly. Plants are thinned and trimmed. Glass is wiped and ferts added as needed.

I wipe down the glass lids and outer surfaces of the tanks as well as they always seem to have kid nose prints on them.

Siphons, hoses and buckets, well water and rain runoff maintain the tanks. Some of the smaller tanks are more labor intensive than the big ones. I test quarterly or if I am noticing an issue.

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