Aquaforest Testpro Magnesium Water Turns Dark Blue When it Should be Dark Pink

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Dec 20, 2022
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I just got that and the calcium test. The Calcium test seems to have worked right, but the Magnesium one has some problem. I couldn't find an answer from searching, but I did see some comments reporting something similar in a youtube video.

Anyway, after adding regent C, the water sample should turn dark pink, but for me it turns into a really dark blue. I couldn't find anything relating to that in the manual. I tried the test 4 times so far, and I don't want to keep wasting material.

Weirdly, when I washed it clean, some of it quickly turned pink as it went down the drain? I don't know what that would mean.

I'd love any guidance on solving this, it would be a relief to get some values. As for using other tests, there isn't much choice where I am. It's the only one I could find that isn't a strip.

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