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May 1, 2006
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Nottingham, UK
I have two young koi angels - I bought them together so they are probably siblings. (They replaced two previous kois which died during the summer from what may have been a bacterial disease - the tank now has a UV steriliser and all the other inhabitants are very perky).

Meet Tiny and Teeny (yes I know - the naming was a bit short termist! :p ):





They're not very big now - but they were truly teensy when I got them a few months ago. The cardinal and glowlight tetras in the pictures are, by the way quite outsize, old and fat specimens!

Thing is - Tiny (the larger of the two) has a huge appetite - he grabs at anything and everything fed to them. When I feed bloodworms he sucks up huge amounts and his belly swells up like a little ballon but he's equally keen on almost anything from peas to algae wafers to dried flakes and, given half a chance, he will bloat himself on these too.

Teeny, on the other hand, is a very picky eater. She (I know, I know - either of them could be a she or a he!) spends several minutes focussing on every single piece of food (much of which has, in the meantime, been grabbed by a tetra). She doesn't like dried food and usually spits her chosen piece out again, and only just tolerates some frozen food. Only thing she's really keen on is live daphnia - and she still spits out a few of those.

As a result Tiny is now about four times the size of Teeny (the pics showing them both were taken a few weeks ago). Should I worry about Teeny - or do angelfish appetites normally vary between individuals?

I've also noticed recently that both have damaged tips to their dorsal fins. They're both very active and spend a lot of time foraging underneath and betweeen the plants, stones and bog wood. Could this be causing the damage - or are they likely to be fighting. Tiny is starting to get a bit bossy - biting at Teeny (and at the tetras too) when they come close - but I haven't seen any chasing about. They're in a 19 US gal tank (45 cm high) at the moment but are due to move into a larger tank with some pearl gouramis (and the tetras and some danios) at a later date.

So should I worry about either Teeny's lack of appetite or the damaged dorsal fins??
I think you're right to be cautious. Angels, Kois especially, are prone to columnaris brought on by stress and other factors. This can present as general lack of interest in food, progressing to finrot, then more major symptoms. Keep the water quality immaculate and have some bacterial meds on hand just in case. :good:
OK. Thanks KathyM. I'll keep a close eye and keep up with the water changes. I tried three different anti-bacterial meds on the previous pair - to no avail :sad:
You have my full sympathy, we lost an adult Koi to columnaris last week and have struggled in the past with others too. I'll keep me fingers crossed here that we're both worrying over nowt. :good:

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