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Oct 15, 2002
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I bought 3 lovely Angel Fish, yesterday, i have 1 Angel fish, already, he seems to be chaseing the other 3 at the moment, i know Angel Fish, are very territorial, will he calm down after a while or will he keep chaseing them I dont want to get them stressed out, anymore than they are.
They dont seem to bothered that he's chaseing them, he dosent chase them all over the place, only when they come near or if he sees them he dosent go out of his way to chase them. Will he calm down do you think.
is there any stuff you can put in the water to make fish less stressed when you first buy them.
I have called my 3 Angels, Popeye, Olive, and Lacey :D
Hi again,

I would say things should settle down, may take a little while though - is the orriginal angle any bigger?

There are several 'potions' you can use when adding new fish - though I wouldn't like to say how effective they are. I have a bottle of (I think) Stress Zyme(sp) which it suggests adding when introducing new fish. I think this is supposed to help the fishes slime coating and also boost filter bacteria for the added load, but I haven't used it in months ;)

My other one is bigger than the other 3, funny enough, 1 of them seems to be swimming around with my big Angel Fish, Star, so thats good, and the other 2 are swimming around together, do you think they could mate, i'd love some babys, i havent had any babys in my tank and its been setup over a year now.
Hi Fantazia, My LFS suggests that you rearrange the tank when adding new fish. I think it causes all of the fish to find their territory again, putting everyone on equal ground. I am not sure about your Angels, but it works pretty well with smaller fish. Hope they've already settled down :D :D
Hi just to let you know, the 3 angel fish i bought a week ago seem to be doing okay, i have moved my bigger angel to one of my other tanks, because he was being really aggressive towards the little ones, as soon as he went yesterday, they are coming out slowly, one of them has settled in really well, but the other 2 are still a little bit shy and nervous, i bought lots of fresh plants at the weekend, and moved there rocks and bogwood around so they have new territories, they like to hide behind the plants, they soon come out when they see me and they are still eating there right little pigs, bless them. Do you think they will settle down. There not up by the filter anymore, since i bought the plants they hang around down the bottom.
I hope they servive they really are lovely. Are Angel Fish known to be shy and nervous, i've had other angel fish and they are really bold and never hide.
i would say you should probley never put the bigger one in the tank again becuause when the smaller ones get bigger they will do the same thing your bigger one did. as a rule of thumb you should always buy territoryal fish together (in pairs) to avoid this problem
I have put him in my 30 gallon tank, with some of my other fish, he has settled in well there, i dont plan to put him back in my other tank.
It wouldnt be fair on him or on the others, so he will be staying where he is.

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