Anemone health issues! Help SOS


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Jul 29, 2020
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The netherlands
Hey need ur guys help! My nems have these white stringie things all over their tentacles, also seems lile they are not fully out and its just not looking healthy. First it was one nem but it split (the first one had these strings as well), and I think it split because of stress(?). Have fed the nem a few times with shrimp, maybe I overfed it or something? Please help! What could it be?


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May 8, 2019
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What are your water parameters? (Full list)

How long has it been in the tank? How many times did you feed it in what time period? What fish do you have in the tank?


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Jan 26, 2008
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Anemones reproduce by division. Basically they build up their reserves (energy) and then split in half. One part usually stays put and the other half wanders off around the tank.

The anemones are very pale and need more light. You can have the light on for up to 16 hours per day. They should not be white or pale in colour.

You can feed them each day or a couple of times a week. But only feed them a small amount of food and make it small pieces so they can digest it. If you give them a lot of food (eg: a white bait), they will ingest it and then puke it back up a few hours later. The food will then rot in the tank and cause water quality problems.

Assuming the water quality is good, I would just look after it and let it recover.

If in you have any concerns, do a big water change. It fixes lots of things. :)


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Jul 23, 2004
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What kind of anemone is it, and it it newly added to the tank? It's hard for me to tell the species you have from the lack of color and puffed up form it taken on; the coloration is a bit ambiguous in that state and I've seen both BTAs and condys look similar to that with puffy white tentacles and pink tips. BTAs will often split when food is abundant and its not a cause for concern as long as the clones show signs of healing, while Condylactus often split as a last ditch stress response when they're trending towards death and the clones often fail to heal up completely as a result.

I will be honest I have never seen the cloudy strands like yours. I've read that anemones getting ready to spawn (not split) can have cloudy tentacles but not seen it myself so I don't know if that's what it looks like or not.

What lighting is on the tank? Did you swap fixtures recently? Regardless of species, the anemone is bleached; that can be due to lack of light (or light not in the right spectrum) but it can also happen due to other sudden changes in environment - it's not impossible for an anemone to be bleach due to a sudden increase in light intensity. Bleached anemones due to lack of light will also initially shun brighter light and require some time to adapt.

Definitely quit feeding the anemone for now. In general you shouldn't feed an anemone unless it's extended, healthy looking, and sticky enough to take the food easily with its tentacles (don't just drop it on the oral disk). If the anemone has just split and the sides are not healed up, then you need to completely leave it alone and minimize environmental disturbance until it at least starts to heal up. If it split a while ago and is just asymmetrical but otherwise healed, I would still stop feeding until it looks healthy but you can carry on with water changes and such without worrying about killing the clones by disturbing them.

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