Adding CO2 to the tank

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Fish Crazy
Jun 16, 2004
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
When you guys add CO2 to the tank, have you ever heard of someone putting a tap into the suction portion of a canister filter so that the CO2 travels through it and becomes worked into the water better? I heard of people putting it after the filter but is there a difference?
I don't have "taps" but I feed the output of the CO2 unit into the inlet pipes of my filter train so it has plenty of opportunity to dissolve. Been doing it like that for years.
Ok so I just put my CO2 end into the filter suction tube. And it seems that my filter seems to be really noisy now. It sounds like large bubbles of air are trapped in the filter case and seem to come and go. Is this all from the CO2 or could I have trapped air in the filter still?

I have a Fluval 304
Could you feed the co2 pipe into the air intake of a power filter?

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