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Jul 1, 2006
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England ~ Birmingham
Hiya folks,

Just found and used this guy. I hope its in the right place, maybe we need a sticky of contacts ?

Barber Brothers
Tel: 0121 4404737
Unit 3, Clifton Indust Est Road
West Midlands
B12 8SX

Charged me £3 for a refil of 2kg bottle. Get you own bottle back and takes SECONDS to do.
A 2kg bottle, new and filled, cost me £20.

Very good prices and a good bloke too :)

Hi! Thanks for info, do they recharge any bottles? Do they put liquid CO2 or gas?
Not sure what goes in but they work once hooked upto the tank again Lol :)

Not sure what you man by recharge ?

They can fill up any cylinder I think and they had loads of fire extinguishers lying around lol, if they cant a new bottle doesnt cost much at all, £20 filled.

If you do happen to go, might be worth a mention that a lad told you the info lol. Also to pass on the info to other fishkeepers in need of co2 :)

Doesnt look like they earn too much and its always good to support the locals, because once they are gone they are gone :(

Great Post!

Thanks for sharing the information, as Birmingham is only about an hour away (20 minutes if not for the traffic!)

I second the call for a sticky, as more and more of us have/will end up with pressurised co2. A collection of all the co2 suppliers in the US/UK/Rest of the world (Hi guys!) would be a good idea.
Be buggered if I could find anyone in Leicester to do this. Get my LFS doing it for £15 a 2kg bottle.
Ill second the call for a sticky CO2 supplier list.

There is a great welding shop near me, 50quid (same as for JBl cylinders!) for a 12lb cylinder full, then 30quid refill, which would last years on even big tanks.

I tried this once before, got the start of a list in this thread...... "Where in the UK can you Refill Co2 Bottles"

Aeropars: I did a ring around quite a few places around the Leicester area.
I now use Maidenhead Aquatics in Stapleton for my 500g JBL bottles and a local contact for my 2Kg Co2 fire extinguisher refills.

There are some details for other areas also....

Ok, just an update for you. I phoned this place (very very helpful by the way!!!) and they told me it will take £5 to refill a 2KG Fire extinguisher, as long as it has been tested in the last 10 years. I hope to go down Sat to get mine refilled (they open til 12.30 on a Saturday).

I didn't mention Joel, but will when I go down there (maybe I can blag my way for a reduction, but a fiver still doesn't sound too bad to me for a refill).

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